Helping Anxious Dogs Adapt To New Situations

Posted on: 7 April 2015

Some dogs are more resilient than others. They roll with the punches, can handle a thunderstorm with ease, and rumble at the dog park with the best of them. Others, whether it be due to genetics or improper socialization, are more timid when it comes to life. Scared dogs often have two choices. They're either going to run away from the "scary thing," or attack it, depending on the surroundings and situation. You can help your dog overcome its fears and choose to just be happy instead. Here's a few tips to help your scared dog flourish.

Don't Put The Dog In A Corner

Literally. Even the most confident dog can feel trapped when pushed into a corner. Don't put your dog in a position where they will have their back to a wall. This is especially important if your dog is in an unfamiliar situation. For instance, you'll want your dog to be able to walk away from the child who's petting him when he gets uncomfortable, rather than feeling the need to lash out.

Take Baby Steps

You probably want to be able to take your dog on field trips to the local farmers market, dog park, or outdoor restaurants. Before you throw your dog into a situation they will be unsure how to handle, practice the scenario at home. Invite a dog that is known for getting along with other canines to your backyard for a playdate. Practice walking past an ascending number of people. Go to the restaurant during off hours when you'll likely have the patio to yourself.

Get to Know Your Pup's Likes and Dislikes

Dogs are a lot like people. They don't all enjoy the same things. Some dogs can't get enough of the beach, while others hang out on the couch rather than get their feet wet. Some dogs just don't enjoy playing with other dogs. They're brooding loners, and that's okay. You can slowly introduce your pet to new dogs, but don't force it. Forcing a dog into this kind of situation can lead to dog fights and, in turn, a potential injury.

It's an owner's job to help their dog get through this thing called life. Some dogs may take a little more work than others, but they're worth it. A skittish dog makes a loyal dog when they trust their owner. Put your faith in your dog, be kind, and your dog will come out of its shell in no time. If nothing seems to work, contact a veterinary hospital for more advice. 


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