Calming Influences That Put a Stop to Bad Dog Behavior

Posted on: 8 April 2015

Your dog can sense when you are stressed, and it's probably some of your pet's bad behavior causing your stress. It's like a vicious cycle, the more stressed you are the more your dog acts up. So you need to learn how to calm your dog, improve its behavior to reduce stress for the both of you.

Respect Your Dog's Space

Take not of the areas your dog likes to hang out. Most dogs enjoy spaces where they can see outdoors. This may mean sitting near a sliding glass door a window. If you notice your dog has a favorite spot, don't take it away by placing a plant or lamp in that area. This may obstruct its view or block sunlight that the dog loves to bask in during an afternoon nap. 

Your dog will appreciate having its own space, and you'll find your pet is calmer.

Keep Calm When Company Comes

If your dog runs wildly, barks, and jumps on guests when they arrive, it can be frustrating for guests and for embarrassing for you. You can take action to calm your dog before company comes if you know when to expect them. Acupressure can work for dogs, just as it does for humans, and have a calming effect. 

You can use these steps to help calm your dog before company arrives:

  1. Place the tips of both your dog's ear between your thumbs and index fingers
  2. Press the area lightly
  3. Pulse the ear tips for about 45 seconds

Keep in mind this is an alternative form of therapy, so there's no guarantee it will work for all dogs.

Rub Fido the Right Way

Did you know pets prefer to be petted in a certain way?  Furry friends prefer you pet them in the direction their fur lays, so don't rub them the wrong way. Go with the flow and you just may notice your dog is calmer and more willing to accept your affectionate petting.

Keep Your Dog Healthy

A healthy dog is a happy dog. So to help your dog become a well-behaved, happy pet, make sure you take steps to keep him healthy. You can discuss a complete pet wellness plan with your veterinarian that includes proper food portions, nutrition, exercise, shots, and training. Schedule regular visits with your vet to make sure your dog is healthy and has all its shots and supplements needed to prevent disease. 


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