2 Natural Products You Can Use To Relieve Your Dog's Itching

Posted on: 9 April 2015

If your dog's scratching keeping you up at night? If so, not only can this be annoying for you, but imagine how your dog feels. It is probably very miserable too, but the dog cannot do anything about the problem. You can try these two items to help your dog find relief from itching, but if these do not help, take it to see a veterinarian for further options.

Fish Oil

Itching can be caused by a number of different things, but it is commonly a sign of dry skin or allergies. Using fish oil can help relieve the itching a dog has, and it can also be used to treat arthritis and other health problems. It works because it has anti-inflammatory properties.

The easiest way to give fish oil to a dog is to buy fish oil capsules. You can then puncture a capsule and allow the oil to drain on the dog's food. When the dog eats its food, it will also consume the fish oil. If you prefer, you can purchase fish oil drops instead, and you can place these on the dog's food also.

Dogs that are over 20 pounds can have a 1500 mg capsule of fish oil, but smaller dogs will need smaller doses. Fish oil takes time to work with dogs though, but once it takes effect, you might notice that the itching has declined and that the dog's coat looks shinier and healthier.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A second thing you can try using is apple cider vinegar, which is completely natural and good for people and dogs in many ways. Applying apple cider vinegar to your dog's coat could help:

  • Remove bacteria and infections on the skin
  • The dog's fur grow better
  • Stop the skin from flaking
  • Reduce the itching

To use apple cider vinegar, you should dilute it with water in equal amounts. You can rub this mixture onto your dog at any time, including after a bath. Another option is to mix it in a spray bottle and spray it on your dog. After using one of these methods, your dog might find relief from the itching it is experiencing.

Trying natural remedies to treat itching with dogs is a great place to start. If these methods do not offer enough relief, make an appointment with a veterinarian at an animal hospital such as Howard County Animal Hospital to find out what else can be done about this.


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