Using Flower Remedies For Cats: A Guide For Improving Kitty Behavior

Posted on: 9 April 2015

Is your cat showing aggression? Having trouble bonding with a new friend?

Flower essences may be a useful tool for helping your cat to adjust to changes in its life and routine. First, to rule out any physical issues that may be causing problems, have a check up with a veterinarian through clinics like Gettysburg Road Animal Hospital. Your vet can check for common feline ailments and help you learn more about essences (or other alternative therapies, like acupuncture) that might benefit your kitty. If your curious about remedies such as flower remedies, read on.

The Basics of Giving Flower Essences

The original flower remedies are a group of 38 plant essences created by Dr. Edward Bach. Traditionally used on humans as a way to help overcome difficult emotional states, the flower remedies have been found to help animals as well. They can be used as individual essences or in a combination. As well, Dr. Bach's original 38 options have now been supplemented by hundreds of others available under a variety of brand names.

The easiest way to administer is to place two drops of each essence you are using into your cat's food. Stir the food gently and allow your cat to eat. If you need a more immediate impact, you can also apply a drop or two directly to the inside of the ear.

Your flower essences are most likely to come in dark 1- or 2-oz. glass bottles. Because only a small amount is needed for each dose, one bottle is likely to last quite a while. Make sure you store it in a cool, dark place like a cupboard and replace every two years or on the bottle's expiration date.

Types of Problems Flower Essences Can Help

Flower essences can help with some of the basic problems that cat owners experience with their pets. Examples include:

  • Fear, either for an obvious reason or for no apparent reason
  • Depression, in general or when another pet dies
  • Bonding, when you want two cats to become friends or partners
  • After surgery
  • To help resolve a medical condition that is getting traditional treatment

Remember that you should rule out any physical issues or illness before you try flower remedies for behavioral issues. The specific remedies to use depend on the specific animal, the line of flower essences you are using and what symptoms are present; your holistic veterinarian or pet care specialist can suggest specific remedies to try.


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