Separation Anxiety In Dogs: 3 Treatments To Explore

Posted on: 29 April 2015

Separation anxiety is quite common among dogs, who tend to become emotionally attached to their owners. If your dog becomes distressed when you leave--especially to the point of misbehaving while you're gone--then your dog may suffer from separation anxiety. This is especially likely if your dog has abandonment or neglect issues because of a previous owner. Fortunately, there are a few different methods you can try to help your dog overcome separation anxiety and enjoy a healthier, happier life--even when you're away.

Re-Condition Your Dog

Most dogs with separation anxiety have triggers that make them anxious. By re-conditioning your dog's reactions to those triggers, you can help your dog overcome anxiety. For instance, if your dog begins to whine when you grab your keys or put on your coat, then you may need to recondition your dog's reaction by helping it associate you putting your coat on or grabbing your keys with something good. Start giving your dog a treat or a bone each time you get ready to leave; for dogs with minor separation anxiety, this may be enough to calm them down.

Try Calming Remedies

For dogs with more complex cases of separation anxiety, re-conditioning may not be enough. You may need to turn to calming remedies to keep your dog from letting its anxiety get the best of it while you're gone. Consider purchasing a calming shirt to put on your dog when you leave the house; these shirts are designed to help relieve anxiety by fitting snugly and mimicking the feeling of an embrace. There are also herbal supplements you can feed your dog daily that are designed to help it relax.

See a Vet for a Prescription

If all else fails, take your dog into a vet clinic. For serious cases of separation anxiety, your dog may need to be prescribed a calming medication, such as Clomicalm. If your vet believes your dog is a good candidate for such medication, you should give it to your dog daily as prescribed. However, medicating your dog should only be tried as a last resort option for treating your dog's separation anxiety, so be sure to try the other methods out first.

Dealing with separation anxiety in dogs can be frustrating, but by giving these methods a try, you'll be sure to find one that works to give your dog the relief you both need in no time.


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