Reasons To Find A Pet Grooming Service For Your Newly Adopted Dog

Posted on: 16 June 2015

Have you recently adopted a dog from a shelter? Are you still researching ways to take care of your new best friend? Whether you've adopted a dog with long hair or short hair, here are some reasons why you should consider finding a local pet grooming service for your dog to visit:

Nail clipping: Cutting your dog's nails can be a difficult process for many pet owners. A dog will often disagree with the process, trying to slip free and run away when he or she sees the nail clippers. Because of this struggle, you could accidentally end up cutting into the quick of your dog's nails. Doing this can cause your dog brief pain, the nail to bleed, and make your dog even more resistant to the trimming later on. Pet grooming services are used to dealing with reluctant dogs and trimming their nails safely. Because they trim the nails of so many dogs, they'll know exactly how far down the nails can be cut without causing pain for your dog and making them bleed.

Shampooing: If you walk your dog through an area that has skunks, you may one day have to deal with him or her getting sprayed. Also, dogs have a reputation for rolling in, or otherwise rubbing against, dead animals or other things that have scents that humans find objectionable. While you can try to bathe your dog yourself, you may have a difficult time if your dog is particularly malodorous. Your local pet grooming center should have access to stronger professional quality soap and shampoos than you'd be able to find in an ordinary retail store. They'll also have more experience in completely scrubbing down smelly dogs. Instead of the scent potentially lingering for days as you repeatedly bathe your dog, they may only need one session to make the smell leave your dog.

Pet sitting: Although many dogs are fine with being left alone all day, others are more problematic. They may get nervous or bored, causing them to chew on or destroy parts of your home. Instead of taking your dog back to the adoption center and returning them, find out if your local pet grooming service also offers a doggy day care. If your groomer offers this service, your dog will be able to spend time running around and playing with other dogs. Instead of spending their days chewing on your kitchen cabinets out of boredom or frustration, they'll be able to make new doggy friends. As a bonus, groomers who offer this service may offer discounts to people who use both their grooming and day care services. 

For more information, contact Woodside Veterinary Hospital or a similar location.


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