Not Sure You Should Spay Your Dog? 3 Reasons Why You Should

Posted on: 7 July 2015

You just bought a new dog and you can't decide whether to get it spayed or not. Your kids would like to have a litter of puppies to play with and you think selling pups might be a good way to make some extra money

Puppies can be fun to play with and they are educational. However, you should know that there are health benefits to having your dog spayed. Here are just a few of the reasons you should spay your new dog.

Prevents Certain Cancers

If you thought cancer was limited to humans, you were incorrect. Cancer can affect your dog too. In fact, female dogs can develop several types of reproductive cancers including mammary and ovarian cancer, which can both be fatal for your pet.  

Spaying your dog will reduce the occurrence of mammary cancer and eliminate the chance of ovarian cancer. By preventing those cancers, you can help your new pet live longer, which will be a benefit to both of you.

Curtails Roaming

When dogs are in heat, they want to find a potential mate. If one isn't readily available in their own yard, they'll go out looking – which means roaming the neighborhood. Unfortunately, dogs that go roaming can suffer injuries due to animal attacks and car accidents. They can also end up in animal shelters.

Dogs that are spayed no longer go into heat, which will help eliminate their need to leave the yard. If you haven't had your pet spayed yet and it's roaming the neighborhood, be sure it has a tag on its collar. This will help ensure that your pet doesn't end up in an animal shelter.

Eliminates Symptoms Associated With the Heat Cycle

Research has shown that female dogs go through a cycle of changes when they go into heat each month. These changes can be mild or they can become extremely intense. Some of the changes your dog may experience include;

  • Appetite changes – may eat more or less than usual

  • Aggressive behavior – may exhibit signs of aggression against you or others

  • Increased urination – may begin urinating in the house

You want what's best for your new companion. Having your pet spayed will benefit its health and its safety. If you're still not sure you should have your pet spayed, be sure to discuss the procedure with your veterinarian. They'll be able to help you reach a decision that's right for you and your new pet. For more questions on animal care, contact a company like East Valley Animal Clinic.


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