4 Reasons To Leave Your Dog At A Pet Boarding Facility When You Go Out Of Town

Posted on: 17 August 2015

If you are going out of town on vacation, you may have to decide whether or not to board the animal. Pet boarding can be great alternative to leaving your dog with relatives. Here are some of the benefits of pet boarding for your dog:

Your dog will be given the attention it needs.

If your dog is accustomed to receiving lots of attention, pet boarding can ensure that the animal continues to get the emotional care that it needs. A quality boarding establishment will make sure that your pet is not ignored. 

Your dog may experience stress or separation anxiety because the animal is away from you. Staff members at the boarding facility are trained to recognize behaviors that signify stress, such as stool changes, lack of appetite, isolation or aggression. If your animal is stressed or depressed because it misses you, the staff can spend additional time with the animal to help it feel more secure in your absence. 

When you check your pet into the pet boarding facility, the staff may inquire about your dog's favorite toys, habits and temperament to help prepare for its stay and make it feel more at home.

Your dog will be given the opportunity to run and play.

If your dog is active, the animal may need regular exercise. Staff members will ensure that your dog is given the opportunity to engage in physical activities, such as playing fetch or walking around the grounds, periodically.

If your dog encounters an emergency, there will be trained staff there to help.

Pet emergencies can occur even in your absence. If your dog has a medical emergency, such as respiratory distress, choking or urinary incontinence, the animal will be cared for properly. Staff members at a pet boarding facility are trained to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on your pet if it stops breathing. In addition, they know how to help dislodge an object that may be obstructing your pet's airway and causing it to choke. 

If the emergency is beyond the scope of the staff's knowledge, they can contact your pet's veterinarian, using the veterinary information that you provide when you admit your pet for boarding. 

Your dog will be kept in a secure environment.

During your vacation, you should not have to worry that your pet has somehow escaped from the yard of a friend or relative and is roaming the streets. A professional pet boarding facility has secure areas that are designed to prevent your pet from inadvertently leaving the property.

If you are planning to go out of town for vacation, you may want to leave your dog at a pet boarding facility. Contact a boarding establishment in your area today for a tour and pricing information.


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