How To Keep Your Cat Safe While Traveling To And From The Vet

Posted on: 29 February 2016

Cats hate change, so going to the vet might seem like one of their least favorite events of the year. There are plenty of things that can go wrong transporting your cat to and from the vet's office if you aren't careful. Here are four ways that you can ensure your cat's safety on the way to and from the vet.

1. Check the Cat Carrier Ahead of Time

If your cat only uses the cat carrier for their yearly trip to the vet's office, it is a good idea to inspect this before your next vet visit. Ensure that the door latches properly so that your cat will be secured. If you are using a hard carrier that comes apart, check all of the interlocking parts to make sure your cat will be safe and won't have a chance to get loose.

2. Don't Let Your Cat Loose in the Car

Keep your cat in the carrier on the way to the vet, no matter how much they let you know they would like out. While you might feel bad for your cat in their small carrier, this will keep your cat from escaping or getting hurt if you get into a car accident. This goes for the ride home as well, especially if your cat has undergone a procedure and might be woozy from medications.

3. Be Attentive of the Waiting Room Situation

Call ahead of time or check out the waiting room at your vet's office before you bring in your cat. Some offices will have separate entrances for dogs and cats which can be great, but others might be a free-for-all. If you are worried that your cat will react adversely to waiting room commotion, ask if you can wait in your car or enter through the side of the building.

4. Have Your Cat Microchipped

If going to and from the vet is one of the few times that your cat will leave the house, this might be their one chance at a great escape. If the worst-case scenario occurs and your cat gets loose, you will have much better luck tracking them down at a vet's office or shelter if they are microchipped. Be sure that your phone number, email address, and vet info associated with their chip is correct and current. This can be updated online and is just another layer of safety you can provide for your cat.

If going to the vet is the one time your cat is brought into a new environment, this can be tough for them. While you might not have the happiest kitty on your hands, you can at least ensure that they are safe and as comfortable as possible during their trip. Contact a business, such as Northside Emergency Pet Clinic, for more information. 


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