Answers To Dog Dental Care Questions

Posted on: 19 February 2016

Proper dental care is vital to the health of your dog. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from cavities, gum infections, and other oral complaints. Unfortunately, it isn't likely that you can train your dog to brush their own teeth! The following guide will help you navigate your pup's dental needs so you can keep them healthy and happy. Do "dental bones" and other teeth cleaning treats work? Everything from dry food to specific chews and treats is marketed as a tooth cleaner for dogs.
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Ear Infections And Your Dog

Posted on: 10 February 2016

If you notice that your dog is whimpering a bit more than usual and for a prolonged period of time, or if your dog seems to be scratching his ear with great frequency, these issues could be a sign of an ear infection. This brief article will give you some idea of what to look for and what to expect if your dog is suffering from an ear infection. If the problem persists, it is highly recommended that you call on the services of an emergency veterinarian.
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How To Tell If Your Cat Needs Urgent Dental Help

Posted on: 2 February 2016

If you've never brushed your cat's teeth, it's a good time to start. However, there comes a time where if dental disease is allowed to progress far enough, at-home care can't reverse the damage. If your cat is exhibiting one or more of these oral health warning signs, you should get to a veterinarian right away. Foul-Smelling Breath Cat food isn't one of the most pleasant-smelling things on the planet, but there's a difference between cat food breath and simply bad breath.
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Myths Dispelled: The Truth About Cat Vaccinations

Posted on: 28 December 2015

Cats are one of the most misunderstood creatures on earth. Cats need more care and affection than they let on, and even healthy feline companions should see a veterinarian regularly for check-ups. It's also important to get your cat on a vaccination schedule when they are still young. Some cat owners may hesitate due to myths about cat vaccinations, but a lot of rumors about vaccinations in cats are totally false.
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